Teachers, have your students join a free, online international writing and art project.

Everyone wants world peace. But what exactly do we mean by the word peace? What does peace look like, feel like, sound like?

The Art of Peace project enables students to think deeply, to respond artistically, and to join a worldwide, creative conversation about what peace is and what it can be.

Teachers and students everywhere can join in this free, online project.

Just download the Art of Peace lesson plan.

Then start talking and thinking. Start writing or making art that expresses your vision of peace. And send us your great project! We’ll feature your work here on our Art of Peace web page, along with projects from young people all over the world.

Want to take the Art of Peace even further?

Take important steps to move the cause of world peace forward. Take part in a volunteer project…make a class donation…lend a helping hand…the possibilities are endless.

Be sure to take photos! Then tell us about your extra step by emailing us at info@blueplanetwriters.org. We’ll feature you on our Extra Step page, where you can see some of the great ideas that young people are using to work for peace.


The Art of Peace was initiated with the help of a generous grant from Florida Atlantic University’s South Florida Cultures Platform.