Blue Planet Global Education is a non-profit organization that coaches teachers in how to teach core curriculum and global competence with international classroom-to-classroom collaborations. We offer short- and longer-term professional development programs to schools and school districts who want to bring the many benefits of global education to their students.

We also lead a Summer Teacher Institute–an extraordinary weekend filled with hands-on workshops, absorbing theme talks, and interactive presentations by experts in the field. 

Blue Planet was founded in 2008 by long-time educators Cora Bresciano and Susan Gay Wemette, who continue to lead the organization today.

Through personalized coaching, they lead teachers through the process of creating international collaborations between their own classes and classrooms in other countries. These unforgettable experiences teach students how to establish common ground between cultures and to create curriculum-relevant projects that allow them to take charge of their own learning. Students get to learn about the wider world from their peers who actually live there. And they learn more about their own homes as they teach their global partners about their own lives.

Blue Planet’s teacher materials include engaging lesson plans and curricula that have been created and refined over twelve years of global education initiatives. They align with widely-used educational standards and have been enjoyed by teachers and students worldwide.

This work of collaborating and learning across borders is creative and innovative, increasing student engagement and learning. It also contributes to international understanding, world peace, and the celebration of the rich diversity of humanity.