Mapping Other Worlds Mérida, Mexico

The Participants:

North Palm Beach Elementary School, Florida, USA

Cora Bresciano, Teaching Writer; Susan Gay Hyatt, Teaching Artist

Habla: The Center for Language and Culture, Mérida, Yucatán, México

Tommaso Iskra De Silvestri, Teacher

The Project:

While the Florida group mapped the sky with new planets, alien alter egos, Constellations of Beloved Things, and original star myths, the group in Mexico mapped the countries where their favorite monsters originated and the imaginary worlds they created for fictional video games.

This collaboration included a visit by Susan and Cora to Habla, their project partner in Mexico. They came bearing handmade stars and wishes from the American students to their Mexican friends, then led the Mexican group in crafting their own starry wishes to take back to the students in Florida.