Culture On Two Continents Kampala, Uganda

The Participants: 

Kasubi Parents School, Kampala, Uganda
Teddy Nabachwa, Director

Pine Jog Elementary School, West Palm Beach, USA
Allie Osmer, Jill Lavetsky, Kim Smith, Teaching Artists

The Project: 

In two creative and engaging collaborations between Florida, USA and Kampala, Uganda, elementary and high school students learned about how their peers live on the other side of the world. Across seven time zones and a distance of nearly 8,000 miles, kids were able to teach each other about what it’s really like to be American or Ugandan. One of the project’s highlights was when classes made jewelry, putting their beaded pieces into “culture boxes” along with stickers and sweet treats, and mailed them to their new global friends.

Our partner in Uganda










Ugandan elementary schoolers were so excited to receive culture boxes from their American friends

Using math to design and assemble original jewelry to send to Uganda

Sharing images taken by the Ugandan school’s director



High schoolers at Kasubi Parents School